Commercial Security Monitoring Solutions

Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your current system, protect a single-story building or connect multiple sites in a fully integrated security system, Pulsar Alarm Systems can develop a customized security program to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget.


Our solutions allow you to develop a flexible business security framework that will reduce costs, while providing advanced alarm technology to meet your specific business needs.

Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring


If your business has a commercial fire alarm system, you are probably paying for two dedicated phones lines. Even though these lines are unused 99% of the time, you still have to pay the phone company every month.

You can now eliminate both expensive phone lines by switching to AES for wireless fire alarm monitoring. We simply install one of our Two Way radios and tie it in to your existing fire alarm system. All emergency signals are then sent to our 24 hour monitoring center over our wireless network. You can then cancel both phone lines and start saving money.

Monitoring Services

Around the clock watch for your home or business. Our dispatchers are on-hand and available 24/7, ready to assist you at any time. To ensure the most timely response to your emergencies, our expertly trained staff will contact the proper resources.